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Corded vs. Cordless Drill Machine: Which One is Better?

Corded vs. Cordless Drill Machine: Which One is Better?

Drill Machines are one of the most important power tools for any commercial, industrial, or household job where drilling is inevitable. You can use a drill machine to precisely drill holes in various materials, such as wood, plastic, concrete, and others, and for other applications.

If you are planning to buy a drill machine, you might have some doubts about choosing between a cordless and corded model. It is a concern for many buyers in 2024, India.

Although the two power tools almost have similarities, a few features make them different, and that’s what creates confusion for customers regarding which one to buy.

Corded drill machines are drills that are run with the help of power received by the cable attached to them from a static socket outside. On the other hand, cordless drill machines are powered with the help of a battery, which is placed into the drill’s handle.

In this blog post, you will learn about the difference between two terms: features and uses. Additionally, we will also discuss the essential tips for buying a drill machine in India in 2024.

Corded and Cordless Drill Machine Features

Corded Drill Machine

When you are performing a heavy-duty drilling and driving job in wood, metal, or concrete, this corded drill machine is frequently used.

These drills stand out for the following reasons:

Abundant Power Supply

The power supply never runs out as long as it is connected to the electric board. So, you can assume that it will be a useful power tool for finishing your difficult drilling task easily.

More Torque

If we compare corded drill machines to cordless ones, we can expect to have more torque for jobs like wallboard installation, boring holes, etc. As a result, it becomes a more productive and efficient power drill. 


A corded drill machine does not require a bulky battery to run, which makes it small and lightweight to carry and also portable and simple to operate.

Rated in Watts

Most power drills have a 450-watt rating, whereas advanced ones have a 1500-watt rating. So you can opt for a 550-watt drill machine for household DIY work.

Cordless Drill Machine

A cordless drill machine is portable and convenient to move around because it has no wires or cables attached to it.

These drills stand out for the following reasons:

Rechargeable Batteries

Cordless drill machines come with rechargeable batteries that can last a long time when completely charged. Nowadays, lithium-ion batteries are full-charged quickly and retain the charge for long hours.

Interchangeable Batteries

Lithium-ion batteries used in cordless drill machines are versatile. So you can use them in a wide range of cordless power tools without any worry.

No Chance of Tripping Over Wires

You won’t have to worry about tripping over cords, which is common with a corded drill machine. This will ensure you can be safe and convenient while working.

Rated in Volts

More voltage means more power in the drill machine, so the cordless power drill comes in the range of 12 V–20 V.

Pros and Cons

Corded Drill Machine


  • There is no power loss while working.
  • Works for long hours.
  • Thin and light.
  • Perfect for difficult projects.


  • Need an additional power source for use.
  • Get restrictions while working because of the cable limitation.
  • May result in trip risks due to the cables.

Cordless Drill Machine


  • Does not require a separate power source.
  • There was no excess tension on the extension cable during operation.
  • There is no possibility of tripping over wires.


  • Possibly costly.
  • Could potentially disrupt work if the battery runs out.
  • Not appropriate for demanding tasks.

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