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Get the JP-3HPP commercial High Pressure Washer at the best price from JPT, which features 220V, 2200W, 250Bar, 2800RPM, 15L/Min, 2.8KW & grade plastic making.

JPT JP-3HPP Commercial High Pressure Washer The JP-3HPP commercial High Pressure Washer is made for the demanding needs of cleaning professionals. Its body is made of high-quality professional-grade plastic, making it durable while maintaining a...

Rs. 32,999.00Rs. 26,999.00
Buy now the JPT JP-3.5HPC high performing commercial car wash washing machine, providing 150 bar of pressure with 15L/Min water flow rate and much more features.

JPT JP-3.5 HPC Car Wash Washing Machine Introducing the JP-3.5 HPC Car Wash Washing Machine, a tough and reliable solution made for long hours of cleaning. This high-performance car washer machine brings continuous, massive pressure, making...

Rs. 43,999.00Rs. 38,499.00
Buy the JPT JP-4 HPC high washer pressure, the most powerful commercial model featuring robust design, strong performance, and more, all at the best price.

JPT JP-4 HPC High Washer Pressure JPT high-performance JP-4 HPC high washer pressure is made to tackle any cleaning challenge. This powerful pressure washer has advanced features that simplify cleaning tasks. Key Features Powerful Design A durable...

Rs. 52,999.00Rs. 46,849.00
Get a superior cleaning experience with the JPT JP-3 HPC SS Cover Car Pressure Cleaner. Which has 220V, 2200W, 250Bar Pressure, 2800RPM, 15L/Min, and 2.8KW

JPT JP-3 HPC SS Cover Commercial Car Pressure Cleaner The JP-3 HPC SS Cover commercial car pressure cleaner is made to handle difficult cleaning tasks easily. JP-3 HP is made from professional-grade stainless steel; this...

Rs. 27,499.00
JPT JP-4 HPC Heavy Duty Pressure Washer and JPT KVC60 Professional Wet & Dry Vacuum Cleaner ( COMBO OFFER )

JP-4 HPC Heavy Duty Pressure Washer 4 HP Single-Phase Motor 16 liters/min Flow Rate, 150 BAR Pressure New Trolley Design with Auto Cut-off Ideal for Cars, Trucks, Bikes, Walls, Floors, Pathways, Garages Widely Used in...

Rs. 64,599.00
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