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Buy now the JPT newly launch brushless cordless drill machine / screwdriver featuring 2 in 1 function at 65Nm torque power and 2200 RPM speed. Buy Now

JPT 18V Brushless Cordless Drill Machine / Screwdriver This 2-in-1 power tool combines the functions of a screwdriver and drilling. The JPT brushless cordless drill machine / screwdriver can quickly tighten or loosen screws and...

Rs. 5,499.00Rs. 3,299.00
Grab the multitasking JPT Cordless Drill Machine featuring 24/14 Nm torque, 0-1300 RPM speed, and equipped with 24 pieces of bits and sockets, all at the best price.

JPT 12V Cordless Drill Machine / Screw Driver  The JPT 12V high performance cordless drill machine / screw driver is the perfect choice for the one who is looking for a tool that can handle drilling,...

Rs. 4,999.00Rs. 1,999.00
Get yours the JPT compact Cordless Screwdriver / Drill Machine featuring 24 Nm torque with 18+1 different clutch power and 0-600rpm speed with 2-in-1 modes.
Rs. 2,299.00Rs. 1,799.00

JPT 12V Cordless Screwdriver / Drill Machine Experience the 12V cordless screwdriver / drill machine with a maximum torque of 24Nm and 18 different clutch settings, while feeling the speed ranging from 0 to 600...

Rs. 2,299.00Rs. 1,799.00
Shop now for the compact and powerful JPT 21V cordless drill machine featuring 25Nm torque, 3500rpm, 3 mode setting, 1.5Ah battery, fast charge, and more.
Rs. 4,899.00Rs. 2,999.00

JPT 3/8" Portable Cordless Drill Machine This portable cordless drill machine provide a powerful 25 Nm of torque with 3 different mode ( screwing, drilling, and impacting ) of dual ( 1400 RPM and 3500 RPM )...

Rs. 4,899.00Rs. 2,999.00
Grab now the newest launch JPT pro plus series 12V Cordless Drill Machine offering 30nm torque, 1550rpm, keyless chuck, 18+1 clutch, 1.5Ah battery and charger.

JPT Pro Plus Series 12V Cordless Drill Machine 28nm Torque and 18+1 Clutch The JPT pro plus series 12V cordless drill machine delivers 160 In-lbs torque output, which is more than sufficient for light industrial...

Rs. 3,499.00Rs. 2,399.00
Shop now the JPT high performing pro plus series 21v Cordless Drill Machine, which features 48Nm torque, 2000rpm, 18+1 clutch, 4.0Ah batteries, and fast charger.

JPT Pro Plus Series 21V Cordless Drill Machine 18+1 Position Clutch with 48Nm Torque The JPT 21V cordless drill machine provide 48Nm of maximum torque which ensures a strong and powerful performance for various work....

Rs. 7,999.00Rs. 3,499.00
Shop now for the multitasking JPT impact Cordless Drill Machine with premium accessories. This drill offers 18+3 torque, 1800rpm and much more at the best Price
Rs. 4,999.00Rs. 2,699.00

JPT 12V Impact Cordless Drill Machine / Driver Set The 12V impact cordless drill machine / driver is your new go to power tool which as it comes with a feature of both the drilling and screwing....

Rs. 4,999.00Rs. 2,699.00
Shop the JPT powerful impact cordless screwdriver machine, featuring  brushless motor, 270nm torque, 3000 rpm speed, 3 speed mode, 4000mah battery, fast charger.

JPT 21V Impact Cordless Screwdriver Machine The JPT impact cordless screwdriver machine is the perfect power tool for your every day task and small DIY application. Its compact and lightweight design make it ideal for...

Rs. 12,999.00Rs. 8,899.00
Shop now for one of the best  brushless Cordless Impact Drill Machine featuring 60Nm torque, 2250rpm speed, 25+3 setting mode, 1.5Ah battery and more.

JPT 21V Brushless Cordless Impact Drill Machine Introducing the one and only high performing brushless cordless impact drill machine, this brushless drill has a maximum torque of 752 In-lbs and 2250rpm of high speed so you...

Rs. 7,999.00Rs. 3,699.00
JPT Pro Series 21V Brushless Cordless Drill Machine | 50 Nm Torque | 1800 RPM Speed | 3/8" Keyless Metal Chuck | 18+3 Gear Set | 2x Speed Mode | Bright LED Light | 2.0Ah Battery | Fast Charger

JPT Pro Series 21V Brushless Cordless Drill Machine The JPT Pro Series cordless drill is perfect not only for DIYer but also for professional one too. With 50 Nm of high impact torque and a...

Rs. 8,999.00Rs. 5,999.00
Buy the JPT 21V Impact Cordless Drill Machine for just INR 2,799/-, which comes with 2 batteries, a 6-month warranty, 1350RPM speed, and versatile features.

JPT 21V Impact Cordless Drill Machine JPT 21V Impact Cordless Drill Machine that comes with 2 batteries. The power tools price is very affordable as it only costs you INR 2,799/-. Proudly made in India...

Rs. 6,899.00Rs. 2,799.00
JPT Cordless 21v Screw Driver/impact Drill - Red, 1.50 Kilowatt Hours (Battery & Charger not included)

Brand JPT Power Source Battery Powered Voltage 21 Volts (DC) Color Red Included Components Case Product Dimensions 24L x 9W x 26H Centimeters Speed 1350 RPM Maximum Power 1500 Watts See more About this item...

Rs. 2,449.00Rs. 2,049.00
JPT Heavy Duty 3/8" Keyless Impact Cordless Drill Machine 21V | 28 Nm Torque | 1350 RPM Speed | 2x Speed Mode | 25+3 Setting Mode | LED Light | 1.5Ah Battery | Fast Charger | 5Pcs Bits

JPT 3/8" Keyless Impact Cordless Drill Machine 21V JPT 21V drill tool is built with a soft grip handle for added comfort and gives you total control of the tool without heavy fatigue while using....

Rs. 4,599.00Rs. 4,499.00
JPT Combo 21v Cordless Screwdriver with 2 Batteries and 4pcs Drill Brush Attachments for Deep Cleaning All Purpose Car, Bathroom, Tiles, Corners Cleaning, Scrubbing Brush Kit

The JPT 21V Cordless Screwdriver is a powerful and versatile tool designed to meet various needs, offering exceptional Torque, speed, and efficiency. Impressive Torque This Cordless Screwdriver Boasts a massive torque of 28N.M, delivering high...

Rs. 4,599.00Rs. 3,699.00

【3/8 Keyless Chuck & Forward/Reserve Control】Working with JPT drill is pretty easy and straightforward. 3/8’’ keyless chuck provides an automatic spindle lock that enables one-hand changing with great accessory compatibility. The Forward/Reverse switch allows you...

Rs. 2,749.00Rs. 2,599.00
The JPT SDS-Plus corded electric Rotary Hammer Drill Machine features drilling and hammering with its 700W, 1400 RPM, 2.4 Joules, 5100 BPM at best price online.

JPT SDS-Plus 20MM Corded Electric Rotary Hammer Drill Machine The JPT corded electric Rotary Hammer Drill Machine is a strong and powerful drill which is perfect for making holes in hard concrete and brick walls...

Rs. 6,589.00Rs. 2,599.00
Grab the amazing deal on the JPT Pro SDS-Plus Rotary Hammer Machine, get 700W 1400RPM, 2.4 Joules, 5100BPM, 3 Functions , 3 Drill Bits for just 2,999/-

JPT Pro SDS-Plus 20MM Rotary Hammer Machine The JPT Rotary Hammer Machine is a strong, easy-to-use hammer drill machine designed for home and professional work jobs. This drill is the best for those working with concrete, brick,...

Rs. 6,589.00Rs. 2,999.00
JPT-26H SDS-Plus 26MM Pro Heavy Rotary Hammer | 1050W | 1200 RPM | 3.0 Joules | 4900 BPM | 4 Functions | SS Depth Gauge | Auxiliary Handle | Forward & Reverse

JPT-26H SDS-Plus 26MM Pro Heavy Rotary Hammer The JPT-26H pro heavy rotary hammer is ideal for all the professional work as this hammer drill machine offers four functions: drilling, hammering, strong hammering, and combined drilling and...

Rs. 7,596.00Rs. 3,499.00
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