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Universal Aquatak 125

No.1 Effective Universal Aquatak 125

No.1 Effective Universal Aquatak 125


Universal Aquatak 125 Is One of the Best Products to Remove All Types of Dust & Work in Type of Surfaces. This Washer Work in Both Commercial & Non Commercial Platform. Nowadays, Every Person Want to Quick in Very Less Amount of Time. JPT Tools Take Dealership by Bosch. JPT Tools Sell Lots of Bosch Tools & Their Turnover Up to the Mark.

Features of  Universal Aquatak 125 

1. Trio Nozzle with Fan, Rotary, and Pencil Jet Settings, for Versatile Cleaning

2. Comfortable, More Enjoyable Cleaning with Quieter Motor Pump

3. 450-Ml High-Pressure Detergent Nozzle Saves Time by Applying Soap Quickly

4. Extendable Handle and Larger Wheels Offer Greater Mobility and Easier Storage

5. Push-Fit Connections and In-Use Gun Storage for Ultimate Convenience

Functions and Advantages of Universalaquatak 125

Safe and Convenient

In-Use Gun Storage Capacity Makes It Possible to Store the Gun While Using the High-Pressure Washer for Safety and Benefit.

Greater Flexibility

Bosch High-Pressure Washers Are Capable, Versatile of Self-Priming from an External Water Source, Such as a Rainwater Tank. This Gives Increased Flexibility and Mobility of Cleaning.

Comfortable Maneuverability and Compact Storage - Universal Aquatak 125 

the Extendable Handle Adjusts to a Comfortable Height for More Convenient Manoeuvrability. the Handle Also Slots Down for Compact, Easy Storage.

Compact Design, Easy-To-Store

the On-Board Accessory Storage Makes It Easy to Move Between Different Cleaning Areas. the High-Pressure Hose, Gun, and Detergent Nozzle Can Be Stored on the Machine, Perfect for Storage in Small Homes.

for Quick and Easy Set-Up

Push-Fit Connections Make Set-Up Quick and Easy. Hoses and Nozzles Simply Click into Place.

JPT Tools Provide This Products Online Is Very Easily to Buy the Best Universal Aquatak 125 at Affordable Price.

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