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So Compact, So Powerful – Rotary Hammer Drill Is Now Within Reach

So Compact, So Powerful – Rotary Hammer Drill Is Now Within Reach

JPT machine tools for sale are comprised of a variety of different products that are used to shape, cut, grind, shear, form, and basically shape metal into a desired part. This is accomplished by removing metal chips in the workpiece. JPT-RH26H is pro rotary hammer drills that are ideally used in masonry for heavy drilling and a number of other applications. They come accessorized with a depth gauge and side grip and a 5 meters power supply cord length. JPT-RH26H 1050W Rotary Hammer is a professional high-performance drill machine that will help you to do several drilling tasks in and around your home and workplace. 

JPT Tools carries wide selection of machine shop tools and equipment. These highly technical and advanced machines can be operated manually, powered electronically, pneumatically, or hydraulically, depending on the model. These hammer drills have an overload clutch which helps protect both the operator and the tool. They also have the ability to reverse and forward rotations for the purpose of dislodging jammed drill bits. This lightweight, ergonomic power tool is ideal to use for fixing holes and drilling anchors into the masonry, and concrete. It covered with Six months warranty against manufacturing defects only. Carry-in warranty on the product.

JPT have been supplying an extensive variety of machine tools for sale through their online catalog to help you complete your projects with ease. Some of the machine shop tools and equipment we sell other than hammer drills include Screw Drivers, Glue Gun, Face Masks and many more. It is our ultimate goal to provide you with superior, high-performing machine tools that will last for many years to come. To learn more about the machine tools we offer or if you need help finding the perfect product to add to your collection, feel free to contact us.

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