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Easy Aquatak 100

Long Life Easy Aquatak 100

Long Life Easy Aquatak 100

JPT Tools is pleased to carry a wide selection of machine shop tools and equipment. Our machine tools for sale are comprised of a variety of different products like Easy Aquatak 100 etc. That are used to shape, cut, grind, shear, form, and basically shape metal into a desired part. This is accomplished by removing metal chips in the workpiece. These highly technical and advanced machines can be operated manually, powered electronically, pneumatically, or hydraulically, depending on the model.

To help metalworkers and machinists complete projects with ease, Penn Tool Co. supplies has an extensive variety of machine tools for sale. We have been supplying an extensive variety of machine tools for sale through our online catalog to help you complete your projects with ease. Some of the machine shop tools and equipment we sell include Screw Drivers, Glue Gun, Face Masks and many more. It is our ultimate goal to provide you with superior, high-performing machine tools that will last for many years to come. To learn more about the machine tools we offer or if you need help finding the perfect product to add to your collection, feel free to contact us.


The Easy Aquatak 100 is a high-pressure cleaner. The pressure cleaner is used for quickly clean the large outdoor kind of hard area The Easy Aquatak 100 can be used for cleaning cars, waste bins, garden furniture, and windows.

This high-pressure washer is the convenient answer for routinely handling messy surfaces. The Bosch 360° Gun makes it simple to clean and difficult to-arrive at spaces. One-gave activity gives more opportunity and reasonability to quicker results. Furthermore, the fan stream can be changed from a strong fly splash to a delicate wash, to suit the cleaning task. The Easy Aquatak 100 can be utilized for cleaning vehicles, squander containers, garden furniture, and windows. It likewise has a High-Pressure Detergent Nozzle that applies cleanser all the while with the shower for profound cleaning.


Benefits of Easy Aquatak 100:

Clean even hard-to-reach areas with ease

360° nozzle revolution permits the stream to be calculated so even concealed soil can be eliminated without any problem. It is the ideal answer for restricted space and troublesome shower points.

More prominent adaptability

High-Pressure Washers are fit for self-preparing from an outside water source, for example, a water tank or holder. This gives expanded adaptability and versatility of cleaning.

Why High Pressure Required?

High-pressure washers are exceptionally successful at eliminating soil easily. As a rule, they likewise make it faster to clean around the home. Ordinary applications incorporate cleaning the vehicle, porch, carport, decking, wheelie receptacle, channels, drains, and so on.

Have a go at utilizing a high-pressure washer to remodel an old or grimy deck or carport or even wooden furnishings or walls. The change can be astonishing and gets a good deal on an expensive substitution.


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