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JPT Suction Cup 8" Glass Suction Cup Vacuum Lifter with ABS Hand Pump Glass Suction Powerful Suction Cup for Flat Smooth Surfaces with Portable Tool Box Accessories

JPT 8" Glass Suction Cup Vacuum Lifter 8-inch vacuum hand-pump single-claw sucker, firm and with upto 200kg high bearing capacity. Large diameter rubber-suction, with strong suction, strong practicability and durability. The suction plate is cold-resistant...

Rs. 4,599.00Rs. 2,999.00
Buy now the JPT newly launch brushless cordless drill machine / screwdriver featuring 2 in 1 function at 65Nm torque power and 2200 RPM speed. Buy Now

JPT 18V Brushless Cordless Drill Machine / Screwdriver This 2-in-1 power tool combines the functions of a screwdriver and drilling. The JPT brushless cordless drill machine / screwdriver can quickly tighten or loosen screws and drill holes...

Rs. 5,499.00Rs. 3,299.00
Buy the JPT heavy-duty brushless 21V cordless angle grinder at the best price, featuring 25% faster cutting compared to other grinders available in the market.

JPT 21V Brushless Heavy Duty Cordless Angle Grinder The JPT cordless angle grinder is one of the most powerful cordless tools for various grinding applications. Its brushless motor delivers impressive speeds of up to 11000...

Rs. 8,999.00Rs. 7,499.00
Buy the JPT brushless new cordless impact wrench, featuring 400 Nm torque with 4300 RPM speed, to removes tire screws in just second. Buy now at huge discount.

JPT New Heavy-Duty Brushless Cordless Impact Wrench The JPT new heavy-duty brushless cordless impact wrench is a high-performance power tool that offers 400 Nm of high-impact torque and a speed of 0-4300 RPM, suitable for...

Rs. 8,999.00Rs. 7,499.00
Buy JPT all-in-one brushless cordless impact wrench. This kit includes 4000mAh battery, charger, screwdriver bit, drill chuck + key, 5 sockets + universal socket.

JPT Powerful 21-Volt Brushless Cordless Impact Wrench Introducing the one and only multi-tasking power tool, the JPT high powerful cordless impact wrench, which is designed to loosen a variety of nuts and bolts effortlessly; it...

Rs. 18,999.00Rs. 8,999.00
Shop the JPT powerful impact cordless screwdriver machine, featuring  brushless motor, 270nm torque, 3000 rpm speed, 3 speed mode, 4000mah battery, fast charger.

JPT 21V Impact Cordless Screwdriver Machine The JPT impact cordless screwdriver machine is the perfect power tool for your every day task and small DIY application. Its compact and lightweight design make it ideal for...

Rs. 12,999.00Rs. 8,899.00
JPT Pro Series 21V Brushless Cordless Drill Machine | 50 Nm Torque | 1800 RPM Speed | 3/8" Keyless Metal Chuck | 18+3 Gear Set | 2 Speed Mode | Bright LED Light | 2000mAh Battery | Fast Charger
Rs. 8,999.00Rs. 5,999.00

JPT Pro Series 21V Brushless Cordless Drill Machine The JPT Pro Series cordless drill is perfect not only for DIYer but also for professional one too. With 50 Nm of high impact torque and a...

Rs. 8,999.00Rs. 5,999.00
JPT Supreme Powerful Brushless 21-volt Cordless Impact Wrench | 2100 Nm Torque | 2300 RPM Speed | 3/4-Inch Head Shank | Bright LED Light | 8000mAh Battery | Fast Charger | 36mm Socket | Heavy Carry Case

JPT Supreme Powerful Brushless 21v Cordless Impact Wrench Owning an industrial machine or heavy vehicle sometimes requires a supreme power tool to help you loosen and tighten nuts and bolts easily and quickly in emergencies....

Rs. 28,999.00Rs. 19,999.00
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